• Are your child’s teeth crooked?

  • Can you hear them grind their teeth during sleep?

  • Do they habitually breathe through their mouth?

  • Did you know that teeth and jaw growth begins from birth?

Dr. Estie Bav, a practising dentist of over 35 years, has been studying and treating patients with such problems.

In Growing Beautiful Teeth, Estie illustrates in simple terms how the teeth, jaw, tongue and breathing habits impact the health of both children and adults.

If you or your child suffer from dental and sleeping problems, then Growing Beautiful Teeth may just be the book to guide you to healthier teeth and life. Her message is to get involved with your child’s dental development early for the best health outcome.
It is never too late to start!

In our modern western world, it is observed too often that a child will grow to need orthodontic treatment, often while sacrificing good sound teeth.

Yet it does not have to be that way. This book explains how modern-day kids develop jaws that are way too small to accommodate their teeth and their tongue, which can also impact on how they breathe. This growth deficiency has its beginning very early in childhood.

This book teaches parents and any carer for the child what clues to look out for, and what can be done EARLY to guide growth back on track so that the child can develop dentition to his or her maximum genetic potential, as nature intended, for an improved individual and national health and wealth.




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Dr. Estie Bav BDSc

Dr. Estie Bav BDSc

About the Author

Dr Estie Bav, BDSc, graduated from the Dental Faculty of the University of Western Australia. She is a practising dentist with over 35 years of clinical experience and thousands of credit hours of continuing education. Her general family dental practice in the suburb of Kew in Melbourne focuses on comprehensive diagnoses, guidance on early child dento-facial growth, quality restoratives and occlusal rehabilitation, TMJ therapy, and dental treatment with oropharyngeal airway considerations.

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This book is a MUST-READ for every mum and dad, or soon-to-be parents, and grandparents, who want to help their child grow and develop beautiful teeth, strong jaws, a gorgeous face and happy smiles from an early age. It may serve as a helpful reference source for para-dental health care providers, and younger dentists who want to give more to their patients.

“An informative book in understanding the connection between oral health and beautiful teeth. A must read for parents to learn strategies in caring for their children's developing mouth, including; eliminating bad habits and promoting good ones. 
A lot of potential money spent on teeth can be saved simply by reading this book.
Go ahead do yourself a favour, this book is way cheaper than paying for kids braces!”

Kathy, Melbourne

“… a splendid book for those of us not so familiar with orthodontics, dentistry”

L., Buteyko practitioner

“.... very informative with useful information. It helped me gain a greater understanding of the cause of crooked teeth. I wish I found this information years ago.”

Grace, mother of a young man who developed TMD after traditional orthodontic treatment.

“… the text is so clear and great for parents.”

Sharon Moore: author of Sleep-Wrecked Kids

“I have finished reading your book. The information in it are mind blowing. I did not realize how all those big 3 patterns are interconnected to teeth growth. I doubt that a regular parent could ever figure out how they are all related. The value of this book is tremendous … I will recommend this book to everyone that I know…Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me and others.”   

Greg, Melbourne