Our goal is to educate & empower our patients to maintain oral health & function, from an early age to senior years.


Princess Street Dental

This is the wonderful view of Estie’s garden from the clinic chair in Kew, Melbourne.

Princess Street Dental is a general family practice focusing on comprehensive diagnoses and guidance with a wholistic approach.

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Find useful information and recommended reading on maintaining healthy teeth for life. COMING SOON: Sign up to a new blog by Dr. Estie Bav which will deliver insightful articles and news about upcoming seminars and education sessions.

The book !

This book is a MUST-READ for every mum and dad, or soon-to-be parents, and grandparents, who want to help their child grow and develop beautiful teeth, strong jaws, a gorgeous face and happy smiles from an early age. It may serve as a helpful reference source for para-dental health care providers, and younger dentists who want to give more to their patients.